I’m pretty sure I missed a day but let’s do yesterday, Day 42

For those of you who are Sci Fi nerds, you know the significance of 42

Three things that I’m grateful for are

1) Dojo ‘Ohana we always have fun getting together with our extended family

2) Day Dates our plan was to have lunch with the three of us on the Pier and my daughter made last minute plans with her friends so we had a fancy Sat brunch

3) Water. I spent so long on the road on Fri I’m certain I was dehydrated on Sat. Drinking water helped me feel human again.

Day 39

Today, I’m so grateful that I joined Hui O Imiloa (I forgot where all the ‘Okina go) at UCLA. The Hawaii Club at UCLA gave me so much to be grateful for and here are a few examples. 1) I met some of my dearest friends through the luau committee and intramural volleyball. 2) I gained self confidence and project management skills by serving as the the UCLA luau chair. 3) I met my Kumu, Randy Kaulana Chang, and his entire family through the Hawaii Club.

(Today, I felt the aching pain of the Chang Family as Aunty Moana breathed her last breaths.)

Hui O Imiloa is where I played intramural volleyball, learned how to dance hula, pa’i the ipu, and chant in Hawaiian, and met my So Cal ‘Ohana. Outside of UCLA, we used Sensei Rabago’s dojo for hula practice. That’s how I was introduced to the dojo previously known as Yamashita Shorin Ryu, which became Rabago Shorin Ryu. So in fact, our dojo wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my experience at UCLA.

Is it day 40?

Drove to SD and back. Fuel was running low so I stopped in LB. dispenser was down. Drove to Torrance. Both pumps were out of fuel. Now I’m in Lawndale hoping to get enough hydrogen to get home. I’ve been up since 4am. Happy Aloha Friday the 13th.

I just saw some asshole woman driving a Lexus. She exited the freeway, rolled her window down and threw out her fast food trash in two throws. Bitch, instead of cursing you, I just said “Your day cannot be so bad that you need to litter. We lost a family member. A woman almost hit my car on the 405S at 5:30am this morning. I’m grateful for my life, the health of my family members, and my martial arts training on how to meditate because there are some frickin selfish assholes out in the world.”

I’m late on Day 38

One hundred days of gratitude in effect. For Day 38, here are my three:

1) pedicures ahhh

After the beach workout, feet needed a lot of pampering.

2) I’m also grateful for ceiling fans. We don’t have a/c so if it weren’t for our fans, we would have to stay inside the mall or movie theater.

3) I’m grateful for DoorDash. I was hungry but way too tired to cook.

36 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1) I’m grateful that I checked my checking account. Some thief got a hold of my MICR number and is stealing money from my checking account. In the last four days, they swiped $1,700.00. Ugh. Lesson learned: pay attention and use cash more often.

2) I’m grateful for the little things like hot coffee in the morning.

3) Lastly, I’m grateful to hear laughter at the end of the day. We had two fantastic classes at the dojo. My beginners are not only looking good but they’re also bonding as friends. And the advanced class had a fantastic kid-style workout with lots of laughter and basketball shooting. LOL we ended the class by cleaning the mirrors because I finally brought in a windex spray bottle 🤦🏻‍♀️

Day 35 of 100 Days of Gratitude

I’m grateful that the big guy understands my intermittent fasting schedule. He was going to make his famous pork chops for dinner and checked in to ask when my fasting window was going to close.

Secondly, I’m grateful for the USPS. I’m able to send gifts to family and friends, just because.

Third, inspirational sports movies captivate and entertain us. We really enjoy watching these types of movies together. They motivate me as a teacher and get me excited as an athlete. I continue to show Gratitude for being able to teach.