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Walker Stalker Con ATL 2014 Steven Yeun panel @steveyeun


Watching the Steven Yeun (#SHAG Smoking Hot Asian Guy) panel at Walker Stalker Con 2015 was not in my schedule. I was lucky enough to take a photo with him in 2013 and had front row seats for his panel, as well. Poor Steven felt sick last year and that supported the storyline in the show when we all thought he might die from that strange walker virus in Season 4. We all know that he didn’t die from the virus but damn, is he going to get killed off in Season 5?

I had walked in late, with my slice of cheese pizza, and plopped down in front of the screen to listen in on the panel. James and Eric of The Walker Stalkers had already opened the floor to questions from the audience. They seemed to have put a max on the number of hugs allowed which made me giggle. Although I know fans love the opportunity to get a hug and/or take a selfie, it isn’t all that interesting for the hundreds of others in the room.

Steven Yeun fielded questions about working with Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson. The respect he gave to Scott Wilson’s acting ability really impressed me. But, Steven also shared stories about how Scott Wilson has fallen asleep during scenes. Even though that is old news, it still brought a smile to my face and sparked laughter in the audience.

As the panel continued, I heard a familiar voice on the mic. Sweet-voiced Rosie asked a quick question and followed up with, “can I come sit with you?” Turns out Rosie had on the Detroit Tigers hat that Steven had sent to her after last year’s Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. Rosie had asked if she could trade hats with Steven last year. He really didn’t want to say “no” but he told her that the hat was a gift from someone and he promised to mail Rosie a hat. Lo and behold, there were photos posted on social media a couple of weeks later and Rosie’s beaming smile peeked out from beneath a Detroit hat that was sent to her from Steven Yeun. That gesture endeared me to Steven, he really is more than just a #SHAG.



Towards the end of the panel, a mom brought her daughter up who requested a favor. This little girl wanted Steven to deliver a message to Danai Gurira. Unfortunately, Danai had a shooting conflict and couldn’t make her Walker Stalker Con appearance. So, this young girl asked Steven to tell Danai that she was her favorite character and she loved her. It really was remarkably adorable. Steven agreed at first but took a beat and decided to one up relaying a message. He grabbed his cell phone and said, “let’s record her a message and I will send it to her!” The entire crowd breathed in a collective “wow” and off he went, phone in hand, jumping down from the stage to kneel down next to the little girl. I tried to catch that on my iPhone.

That was such a cute moment, I really think it made everyone smile, including Danai Gurira, once she opened that message from Steven.

So even though this panel was not a part of my Walker Stalker Con plan, I’m very happy that I was able to witness such a cute moment.

Almost as happy as I looked last year, when I took my photo with Steven Yeun in my Black Milk Zombie Nation Skater Dress.


The Walking Dead ‘ Cast Ep 117 @jasonandkaren @angelakang @walkingdead_AMC

I have a really good friend who hosts a podcast on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” called “The Walking Dead ‘Cast” and was invited to guest host an interview with writer/producer Angela Kang. One day, while at lunch with my BFF, I ran my fan girl mouth about how much I love the show “The Walking Dead”. Little did I know that my BFF was two degrees of separation away from a writer/producer of the show! So, he did me a solid by getting me in contact with Angela Kang and she was gracious enough to grant us an interview.

I thought you might be interested in listening to it, so here is a link.

And while you’re at it, check out “The Walking Dead ‘Cast” on iTunes. You’ll also get to hear panels from Walker Stalker Con events that feature interviews with many of the stars of the show.


Check out this cool episode: