Monthly Archives: September 2018

Super late for Day 73 72 of 100

I made it to 72 days of 100 days of gratitude.

I can’t be brutally honest and share everything that has occurred over the last six weeks or so. They have to do with addiction, co-dependence, and pain.

Here is what I am grateful for at the moment. Our household is based on support, love, and honesty. Even if shit happens, we all feel comfortable sharing our feelings. And I’m grateful for DoorDash and UberEats. Cooking has been very low profile for me. I like to eat but I haven’t felt ready to cook.

Tomorrow we have to go to the orthopedic surgeon for an appointment to discuss surgery on Saturday. Our surgeon is from Hawaii. That’s cool, right?

Business Travel Days 65 to 72?

Last week was a blur. I completely forgot to jot down three things that I’m grateful for each day.

Let me consolidate with photos.

My job requires a lot of my attention and sometimes that means I need to travel. I drove to Carlsbad on a Mon, back to LA on Tues and flew out to New Orleans on Tues night. As exhausting as it felt, I know that my job is making a difference for people inside my company, as well as for our customers. So I travel and I feel blessed.

Once in New Orleans, I napped before I had to attend my first meeting. Not much of a party experience. But that evening I walked outside to find a restaurant for dinner and found

LOL I was starved and went to the buffet for all I could eat seafood for dinner and the Buffalo slot machines for dessert. I’m grateful for that.

The next three days were a whirlwind of meet and greets and educational workshops. Thanks to social media, I discovered that my friends from LA were in town and met up for Beignets.

I’m grateful for the time to connect with friends as I connected with myself and renewed my dedication to diversity and inclusion.

At the end of the conference, my company sponsored an event at the House of Blues.

And when I checked in for my 6am flight the next day, I was in 5A. First class baby. I slept almost the entire way home, after my two mimosas.