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Juice Cleanses Aren’t For Everyone

Many of my friends were trying juice cleanses for a variety of reasons:  some were feeling sluggish, others experienced bloating, many were dependent on caffeine and addicted to junk food or they found their skin breaking out as adults.  Article after article reported that juice cleanses would eliminate toxins from your system and your entire body would feel better.  I wasn’t trying to lose weight or shake caffeine.  My thought process was, I don’t eat enough green veggies on a regular basis, maybe I can drink them instead.

There were multiple brands and options of fresh juice cleanses:  Blueprint Cleanse, Pressed Juicery and Suja.  And of course, there was the infamous Master Cleanse (Lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in pure water) which was actually a juice fast.  I elected to try the Suja brand 3-day juice cleanse, partially because they had the most coverage in personal blogs and also because I could purchase them very easily at Whole Foods. 

A juice cleanse system that comes pre-bottled was very convenient for me.  I didn’t own a juicer, I didn’t frequent my local Farmer’s Market regularly and I wasn’t ready to commit that much time and energy to making my own juice at home.  I’ve heard horror stories about how messy in-home juice appliances are and how much space they take up on a kitchen counter.  Suja sounded like a great option, despite the hefty price tag per bottle.  I took baby steps and tried a one-day cleanse at the end of May 2013 and then jumped into a three-day cleanse two weeks later.  Here are the notes I took on my iPhone:

Suja Cleanse. One Day May 30, 2013 & Three Day June 12 -14, 2013.

May 30, 2013
Up at 5:50 am, excited to start my cleanse.

My body is a bit sore from a good outrigger workout last night. I got to stroke the  unlimited canoe with a slightly mixed crew. I have to remember my form and not use my arms so much. That boat is so much lighter than the others!  And it doesn’t turn very easily.  Anyhow, I’m  going to be drinking a lot today so I’m thinking I will be hydrated.

8:06am. Dropped off Kanoe. My first thought was “man, I can’t wait to go eat something!”  Then I laughed and said, “oh no, I have to drink that ugly green cleanse drink”. I will start with “Glow” as soon as I get to work. This ought to be an interesting day and I hope that my pee doesn’t start to glow. Head is definitely hurting a bit.

8:19. Stomach growling.  Almost to my office.

8:38. Here goes my breakfast “Glow”.  It is very green. Taste isn’t bad. It tastes like green veggies. I don’t like celery, which is in this, but it tastes more like kale and spinach and collards and cucumber. A tiny but of apple but not much. And an after taste of mint and celery. Not awful. This is a good start!  Stomach still growling. Pau at 9:35

10:03 I’m not feeling hungry but I found myself wanting to snack out of habit. Hmmm

10:47. Time for a snack. “Fuel”  This is very orange in color.  Very, very orange.  Annoying orange.  Carrot Orange Apple Pineapple Lemon Tumeric.  The Tumeric worried me, it isn’t my favorite spice, but I liked the taste just fine.

11:00 Headed downstairs to see the Asian Pacific American heritage month celebration. They have food booths from Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and Korea.  It all smells delicious but I don’t feel hungry at the moment.  Thank goodness.  It would have been hard to eat clean during lunch today.

11:53 Running an errand now. Not hungry.  Keeping busy is a good distraction from hunger.

12:30. Lunchtime already??? “Purify”.  Carrot Apple Celery Cucumber Beet Lemon.  Blech!  Not celery again!!!  Guess I am going to open it in a few.  My stomach just growled.

It took me an hour to finish “Purify”.  My headache was gone and now it is sort of back.  But I’m not dying of hunger at all.

3:35  This damn headache is getting worse

4:25 starting “Fiji”. Another green one. Not crazy about the celery aftertaste but it isn’t as bad as “Purify”.  I’m feeling good and not starving.

7:28  I had a massage at 6:00.   Now I’m starving with a slight headache.  I need a lot of water and my dinner juice, “Green Supreme”.

Didn’t get to drink it until after 8:30 because I had to cook dinner for Kanoe.  They had yummy ground turkey spaghetti sauce with pasta and soft garlic bread  It smelled great but I really wasn’t hungry, once I started sipping on my “Green Supreme”.  When I was almost done with the juice I made some hot decaf tea.

Unfortunately, it is already 9:19 and I still need to have my “dessert”.  Everyone says this one is delicious.  Hopefully, they are right.  Vanilla Cloud was rich and comforting.  It tasted and felt like a reward after a day of cleansing.  Today was a success.  I never wanted to eat my arm.  I didn’t cave into eating the yummy food of my people at lunch.  Nor did I succumb to the desserts or fruit at the training.  Three days will be possible for me, when the time is right.

June 13, 2013
Been stressed over my Miami trip and Kanoe’s graduation from 8th grade next week.  But I haven’t been eating too much CRAP, (carbs, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners/colors and processed foods) thankfully.

7:30am. Starting my cleanse with Glow.  I like this one a lot.  It is sweet and the celery isn’t that strong of a taste.  I hope I’m not running to the restroom all day today!   9:23 so busy with phone calls I haven’t had a chance to pee yet or finish my Glow bottle.

10:00am. Fuel.  This is super tasty.  It is fresh and a tiny bit citrus.  This time around, I feel like my taste buds are really embracing the juices.  They are much more flavorful than last time.   Had two meetings so it took me longer to finish the Fuel.

12:00. Just noticed that I don’t have a headache.  This Purify doesn’t taste awful but it is my least favorite one so far.  It tastes salty to me. Salty fruit.  Weird.

2:37 Time to drink my Fiji juice.  Thank goodness it had Fuji apple in it.  So much better than Purify!

5:50. I’ve noticed that eating clean the day before really alleviated any bad side effects so far.   No headaches but my body is so cold.  Not only because it is chilly outside, I feel cold from the inside out, like my bones are icy.

I was freezing so I had a blanket put on for my massage.  Afterward, I decided to eat 1/2 an avocado and the stir fried mushrooms and zucchini and a cup of tea.   That is helping my Fiji juice go down.

June 14, 2013

I woke up this morning with lots of energy.  I felt like I slept really, really well for the first time in a long time.  And I didn’t have to take any melatonin

It’s 8:00 AM and I have a little bit of a headache and I’m definitely hungry.  I’m going to open up my first use of the day which is Glow.  Today will be very busy because I have to work, go to the eye doctor, take Kanoe to get her nails done and then help chaperone her eighth-grade graduation dance.  Juice on the go, juice on the go!   8:45 finished Glow and I have a cup of decaf green tea on the side 😉

9:30 I started my Fuel.  I haven’t pooped yet today, which is weird.  Fuel still tastes really yummers to me.  The Tumeric isn’t bugging me as much as last time. Yay.

Had my Purify for lunch again.  It really is my least favorite.

1:00pm now.

1:50pm. Starting my Fiji and finishing my Fuji apple with it.  My stomach feels hunger and the chewing of a few pieces of an actual apple is really helping.

5:30 I warmed up veggies and had the other half of my avocado from last night.

7:15 I started drinking my Green Supreme while checking in kids for the dance.  It was delicious when I was distracted while drinking it.

9:10 I started my dessert.  Yum.  Dance is over in 43 minutes

Day 3
6:14am. Woke up naturally, I feel more rested than usual but I had a cramp in my calf muscle (right side).  So I will eat a banana this morning before paddling.   The strangest thing is I woke up completely parched.  My tongue feels dry and my head feels like I’m dehydrated.   I need to rest up this weekend.

7:07 after my lemon water, I powered down my Glow.  It tastes really fresh and a little sweet.  I could see having one of these more often, just for the green stuff and nutrients.  I’m going to eat my banana on the way to paddling and drink more water.  During practice I plan to drink my Fuel and I have another bottle of water for the boat.

One side effect I did not anticipate with the Suja juice cleanse is sleeping really really well.  I feel like I wake up more refreshed.  I definitely don’t feel like I need my melatonin or Lunesta.

Had a nice hard outrigger practice.  I ate one piece of bread and 1 tablespoon of coconut peanut butter.  And that was all while drinking my Fuel and another bottle of water

I tried to nap but didn’t really sleep much.  We went to church and decided to go out for dinner afterward.  I had ahi tuna and avocado as an appetizer with sea bass and steamed spinach.   It was delicious but I could taste all the salt in the shoyu.  It was still good but my taste buds are extra sensitive right now.

At the end of three days, I didn’t lose any weight.  My digestive system did receive a rest, for sure.  My skin was fine, thank goodness.   Sometimes people experience breakouts from a cleanse.  The toxins can cause acne.  I definitely slept well for three nights.

Keep in mind:  Juicing isn’t for everyone.  It is probably obvious that pregnant women should not deprive their bodies of solid food.  Also, individuals who have diabetes, heart disease or low blood pressure, should stay away from strict juice cleanses.  For those of us without existing health issues can decide for ourselves whether a 3-day, 5-day or 30-day juice cleanse is a good option. 

For me, living healthy is a deliberate choice one has to make.  It doesn’t happen three days at a time.  The Suja juice cleanse was a great jump start for me, especially because I consumed more green leafies and now, I own a juicer so I can make fresh juice at home any time I want to do so.  Honestly, I enjoy vegetables a lot more than I did pre-cleanse.  However, I am not giving up my wine and whiskey.  I will eat less processed foods and refined sugars.  My body will stay in motion and my heart will stay open to endless possibilities.