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54 55 56 Days of Gratitude


1) Being home, I needed to bury my head in my pillow and rest. I missed my halau’s Ho’ike but my a piece of my heart was with them, especially because of all the loss in their family this year.

2) Prayer and connections through the big guy’s RICA classes.

3) Sleep and more sleep


1) Surprising friends from Hawaii

2) Hula sisters who keep secrets

3) My extended hula ‘Ohana


1) my airfryer

2) Costco prepped meals

3) windows because we don’t have a/c

FiddyTree of 100 Days Hugs from Students 💜

One hundred days of gratitude has made me give pause and really consider my blessings.

I was back on the dojo floor and taught last night, despite my sore throat and jetlag. I was praising one of my students as he was stretching and he shyly looked down to the floor and mumbled something. The dojo gets LOUD while we are warming up so I couldn’t hear him over the noise. I said, “excuse me? I didn’t hear you.” He looked up at me and said, “I’m glad you’re back, Sensei” and gave me a huge hug. That makes it all make sense.

Before we started class, two of our longest tenured students showed up. They are brother and sister. The boy asked me about doing flips and rolls and spinning back kicks. I talked about safety and learning new skills. But it also gave me an opportunity to have them do cartwheels and front rolls during warmups. Even the big guy showed them some acrobatics. That made warmups more fun and I need to teach my five and six year olds how to do cartwheels now.

The last thing I was grateful for yesterday,

I wasn’t done yesterday was 51. Today is 52.

Yesterday, I was grateful for making it to Boston safely. I definitely wanted to remain in LA with my family but I had to travel to the East Coast again for work.

The team meeting was productive. I am grateful to have been on a team of smart people. Too bad they’re not all staying on the team. That’s something I am NOT grateful for and still need to process.

We ended the day with a walking tour of the Freedom Trail in Boston. American History is so rich.

Day 51

1. I’m grateful that my work teammates respect my capability and experience. They also crack me up. That’s a good team experience.

2. I’m grateful for alarm clocks on my cell phones.

3. I’m grateful for comfortable shoes, especially my Allbirds.

That was Swifty, I made it to Fifty

Grateful Days 100 of Them

1) First, I’m grateful for podcasts. I can listen a variety of podcast genre such as pop culture, politics, TV/movies/comic books, sports, in-depth interviews, even Diversity and Inclusion. Podcasts give me insight and educate me. Or sometimes they just make me laugh. And over the last nine days, podcasts have kept me company as I fly cross country, and drive across state lines.

2) Some podcasts come with online networks or websites. And through some of these networks, I’ve made friends in real life.

3) Melatonin. Thank you for helping me sleep.

Day 48 it is getting late

100 Days of Gratitude, sometimes with an attitude

1. Big Pink is our family reunion. It is a time for fun and family and food. I’m grateful that we all get together at least once a year. We played corn hole and volleyball and everyone brought their 🐕 🐶. Family is important.

2. Today, I’m also grateful for CBD lotion. All these airplanes and long car rides and hotel beds and uncomfortable desks and chairs wrecks havoc on my lower back and neck and shoulders. I hit the gym for cardio once and do my stretches in my hotel room, with a towel on the floor because, gross. But the lotion is helping a bit.

3. Family. I’m so grateful that I have an amazing family.