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Smile It’s Friday (my dental work adventure)

Today, I’m spending my Aloha Friday in the dentist chair. I thought it would be funny to write how I’m feeling now and then follow up with how I feel immediately after the procedure, especially if I’m loopy from anesthesia and such. 
After I dropped off Kanoe, I went to the gym to get a quick run in for the day. I forgot to wear an actual running bra so the bounce of my boobs was not enjoyable. And I need tights with drawstrings because my waist is so much smaller than my booty and my tights don’t stay up when I’m running. In fact, I’m back down to the same size I was before I had Kanoe 18 years ago. Crazy. None of my winter work clothes fit properly and I need all new bras. Shopping is fun but expensive. 
Anyway, I’m sitting in the dentist chair with ear buds in to watch “Antman” Michael Douglas and the dude from “Mad Men” are in the opening scene. The screen is so huge, I can see every line and wrinkle. The movies and ear buds are a way to distract patients from the noise and pain, right? I want to hear what the doctor is saying to the nurse and to me so I have the volume turned down fairly low. 
The sound of the drill, I forgot about the high pitched sound of the drill. It is the epitome of shrill and so irritating. Maybe I should turn up the volume? But why, my view of the screen has been mostly blocked by the nurse. She is a very pleasant and nice lady but damn, she’s totally blocking my view. 

Every time I get a break, I obediently rinse  and try to write a few thoughts down.  Unfortunately, the left side of my mouth is completely numb so when I rinse, I have to cover my mouth with a paper towel. I’ve had two breaks. I’ve forgotten to cover my mouth twice. *sploosh* twice. Lame. 

The other thing is, my head is aching. I’m singing the Weeknd in my head, “I can’t feel my mouth when I’m with you.”  
We are about 45 minutes in and Dr. Sakurai said we are almost done. The two fillings are in he just needs to smooth them out. That made me think of the jungle from 94.7 the wave, smooth jazz. 
 My pouty face shows a crooked mouth because the left side of my face is under anesthesia. Safety glasses so no blood or tooth chippings fly into my eye sockets. That’s good. The selfie is pretty funny, though. I look ridiculous and scary. No ego for 2016. 

And by the way, my fillings are so old that I forgot about the disgusting taste of dental work. Generally speaking, I love coming to the dentist for cleanings. Everyone here is so nice and I’ve been their patient since UCLA, which was the early 90s for me. But when I got the fillings that are being replaced, I was probably about eight years old or so. I distinctly remember the feeling of pressure when the dentist was drilling but I didn’t remember how shrill one drill was compared to the lower sounding scraping drill thing. Ugh. And it is so fricking loud it is giving me a headache. 
And then we were done in just over an hour. I really planned poorly today. My pre workout meal was a piece of toast with a teaspoon coconut peanut butter and half of a banana. Then I ran three miles on the treadmill with bouncing boobage and falling tights. The doctor said I can’t eat for about two hours, or until the anesthesia wears off. I’m one of those lucky people who is resistant to anesthesia so they need to give me a double dose. That results in me needing double the time to recover from it. But I’m hungry because it is almost 11:00am and I haven’t eaten since 7:00am, which was before my workout.  

My Bitmoji is a true reflection of how I feel. 

Time for lipgloss and to depart.    

 My face has lines from the safety glasses, I still can’t feel my face, and my lips were numb when I tried to put on the lipcolor. Ha. But my three fillings were replaced and I blogged all about it. Again, no ego. 

Hopefully soon I will feel normal again. My head is pounding, I’m hungry and I’m afraid to drink anything without a straw because I might dribble all over myself.  If you read this far, what was your last visit to the dentist like?