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Thoughts on Running from the DiversityNerd: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Part One

Let me open this blog posting with a simple statement: I HATE RUNNING. And follow it up with, I AM NOT A RUNNER. Back in elementary school, we had to do the annual Presidential Physical Fitness Award test.  The test consisted of a softball throw, the long jump, sit-ups, pull-ups for boys or a flexed armed hang for girls (this tomboy elected to knock out the pull-ups because I believed boys and girls should be equal and I was a much better athlete than most of the boys in my school), a timed shuttle run that tested speed and agility and the dreaded longer run.  I remember that as a timed run/walk where progress was measured based on how many orange cones we ran by over a set time period but how long was it?  Was it twelve minutes long?  Was it six minutes long?  My friends responded to my Facebook post and confirmed that they remember the run as only six minutes long. The same amount of time that a love song is remixed to become a dance hit, six minutes, that is all it was? The six-minute run was the bane of my 8 year old existence. Just the thought of having to run around in a circle made me anxious.

For all the other challenges, in the test, I had no problems. I killed the agility test, softball throw and long jump because of all the tennis, basketball and baseball I played. Sit-ups and pull-ups were a breeze because of gymnastics. But that damn run! I used my asthma as an excuse to try to get out of doing it. And my teachers calmly replied that if I didn’t complete it, I would no earn the coveted Presidential patch. Ugh. I did. I knew exactly how many cones I needed to pass and pass them I did. But I hate running.

 These less than fond memories came to mind as I realized how long it has been since I posted anything on this blog. My last post was on August 30, 2015, about nine weeks ago, what a shame. When I started blogging, I wanted to post something on a regular basis to write down whatever my nerdy brain was processing. It would be good for me to try to write again since currently, all I spend my time writing are communications on diversity and inclusion. Not the sexiest subject to tackle.

In addition, I’ve been following a training regimen for the last sixteen weeks called the “Infinity Gauntlet Challenge Training Program: with the goal being to finish a 10K on November 14 and a half marathon on November 15. That is 19.3 miles in one weekend. This program comes from the official runDisney training consultant,. Jeff Galloway. I’ve forgotten that my Saturday walks are supposed to be slow paced walks to leave energy to complete a long Sunday run. And, he recommends keeping our pace at least two minutes slower than our race pace. I can’t even follow a runDisney training program properly! No way am I a runner.

The training overview outlines a very straight forward program. Three weekly runs for the first seven weeks, then every even week afterward you add Saturday long walk (which I have been jogging/running) and a Sunday long run at a slow pace. Of course, I go to both karate and hula on Friday nights and karate on Sundays so free time is not a luxury I have anymore. My running ability is improving but I am still not a runner.

So these upcoming blog postings will be my thoughts on running from a person who hates running.  (I have completed two 5Ks, two 10Ks, and seven or eight half marathons and I am not a runner.)  My thoughts will outline the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of training for a runDisney challenge.  The discipline of staying committed to the program is teaching me a lot, so why not write it down?  More to come…