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Day 23 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1). Today, I’m grateful for my extended dojo ‘Ohana and I’m so happy for Professor Angie and Sensei Jayson. Martial arts and hula teach values that our community and our world need – Respect, Discipline, Integrity and more. It was wonderful to be with so many martial arts pioneers and other Sensei today. I’m grateful to be a part of this community of preserving the legacy of our instructors and the martial arts and hula.

2) I’m grateful for naps.

3). Honestly, I’m grateful that I can afford to have a housekeeper. It used to feel like I was shirking my responsibilities as a home owner by outsourcing chores. But I run a dojo as an instructor and as an administrator, I have a brand new job with global responsibilities, Kanoe is in her first year of college and Kihon is still a needy puppy. If I can afford to bring in someone to help with housecleaning, I should. And for that, I’m grateful.

And now, I need a nap.

Whoo hoo. It’s Day 22

1) I’m grateful for referrals. This week alone, we have had two new students work out with us. The best way to bring in new members is through personal referrals and word of mouth. Our Dojo ‘Ohana continues to grow organically. I’m grateful.

2) I’m grateful for relationships. Getting to know people, introducing families to new families, building new connections, it all feels good.

3) Candy Crush. It has given me an escape from


Late Again Day 21 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1) I am grateful for carpool lanes. The time alone in my car gives me an opportunity to listen to podcasts or think of choreography for Kata or design drills for my Togisala Tiger Cubs. The 90 mile drive to Carlsbad is actually really nice but it helps to have carpool lane access. I think that all the years of paddling and racing in San Diego and OC have made the drive to Carlsbad feel like a short trip.

2) Our work Team went off site for a little treat. There is a gelato shop in Carlsbad that makes homemade gelato and macaron. Apparently the owners moved to CA from Italy so the gelato is considered very authentic. I had marzipan with dark chocolate and it was divine.

3) I am grateful for tears. They are cleansing.


Day 19 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1. I’m grateful to have an incredible family. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like to but they’re hella cool. They are smart, talented, resourceful, entrepreneurial, funny, and good looking.

2. I’m grateful for lessons that I learn when I’m not looking. I’m humbled when the Universe kicks me in the ass from time to time.

3. Lately, I’m grateful that I can see clearly.

Day 18 of 100 Days of Gratitude

1) I’m so grateful for my daughter. She’s got a pure heart and knows when I’m having a rough day. It makes me smile when she does my chores around the house when I’m swamped at work. Or sometimes she asks if I want to sleep in her bedroom because she has the best mattress! LOL she’s a sweetie.

2) I’m grateful for cell phones. I was able to work for two hours while sitting on a bench at Kanoe’s school. Meetings have to happen when they have to happen, right?

3) And, my little puppy gives me snuggles and doggy hugs when I don’t even realize that I need them.

Day 17 of 100 Days of Gratitude (I am late again).

So this friend of mine posted 100 days of gratitude last year and decided to do it again in 2018.

Since I have been too occupied by stress and heartache over the last several months, my blog has been neglected.  What better way to start posting again than through mini-blog posts that outlined three things every day that I am grateful for, in hopes of helping me see my life and surroundings in a new perspective.

Honestly, June has been one of the hardest months because our household has someone suffering with alcohol addiction and manic mood swings.  I am tired and feeling beat down.

Last week, we had a good week.  He started with day one of not drinking.  The next two days were time to detox his body and then he started feeling better.  So I am 1) grateful for pedialyte and coconut water for hydration.  Father’s Day rolled around and the day was great until the restaurant we went to didn’t have what he wanted.  He was upset and we walked out.  That started the end of a good day and caused problems.

2) I was grateful that he didn’t yell and curse at the restaurant.

3) I am having a hard time finding a #3 because I am so tired of all the fighting.