About DiversityNerd

Just a baby blogger (as in new blogger, not one who blogs about babies) who nerds out over things like sci fi, TWD, UFC, SF Giants, SF 49ers, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, dragonflies, equality, learning, growth, lip gloss, and API culture. These are my random thoughts, rants and giggles about the work I love – Diversity and Inclusion; the hobbies that I enjoy – dancing hula, paddling outriggers and kicking on the dojo floor; and the incredible life I lead – filled with new adventures and intriguing people.  My work life turned upside down on April 28, 2014 and the dust has yet to settle. In this blog, I will share stories of my travel and maybe even more…

Please excuse typos, spelling errors and such, I am usually thumb-typing on my iPhone when I craft these rants.


2 thoughts on “About DiversityNerd

  1. Kelly

    hi I was hoping you would be able to tell me where you brought your 3mm silver rings from which say love and dream, I have the same two and I was given them as a gift and I’m trying to find where I can purchase the others!


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