Oct 17 – 19, 2014 were the dates for Walker Stalker Con Atlanta this year. I wanted to drink it in as an attendee and just chill. Sitting in the audience is a rare treat. I’ve been running all over the country conducting presentations on Diversity this year. Of course, in my excitement about being at the con, I couldn’t stop myself from shooting a few clips from panels. Since the videos clips and pics taking up space on my iPhone, why not share some with you? Please forgive the giggling in the background, I had a ton of fun at the con and my friends were cracking me up on this panel.

Once again this year, it was moderated by Jason and Karen of “The Walking Dead’Cast” and the guest podcasters represented four other Walking Dead podcasts:  Jasmine and Michael of “The Walking Dead Girl”, Yardley from “Talking About Walkers”, Jim and ARon from’s “The Watching Dead” and Eric from “The Walker Stalkers”. Each of the podcasts have a distinctive flavor and tone so if you’re a fan of the show, you may want to subscribe to one or all of these podcasts. I listen to three of the five that were represented, “The Walking Dead’Cast” and “The Watching Dead”. However, Jasmine impressed me enough to check out “The Walking Dead Girl”. She’s very sharp and a fan of both the show and of horror. On top of all that, her enthusiasm about the show is infectious. And it turns out that Yardley writes in to Bald Move fairly often so they were all familiar with him. I am taking that co-sign as a nod to go ahead and give his podcast a listen.  I now have two new subscriptions to add to my rotation. That’s good for the hours and hours of running I should be doing to get ready for some upcoming half marathons.

My point of view for this panel:


Last year, this panel focused attention on each of the podcasts, the discussion centered on the unique flavor they each bring as they cover “The Walking Dead”.  For 2014, a decision was made to talk about the actual show.  Because the first episode was the only one that we had seen for Season Five, Jason asked questions about the show and allowed the podcaster panel to just run with it.  You can hear me giggling while I held my little iPhone 5S up to record segments of the panel.  One thing I learned from San Diego Comic Con was that trying to record long segments makes it harder to use them in my blog.  So goes just one limitation of using an iPhone instead of an actual computer to blog. No doubt there is a way to do all of the above on an iPhone, I just haven’t sat down long enough to figure it out.

About halfway into the panel, the group has warmed up to each other and Jason asked, “Who will be the first character to die?”  The conversation started with the name “Carol”.  Not everyone agreed but everyone had an opinion. Check it for yourself…

See what I mean? The all cover the show and they all have different thoughts on where Season Five is going. One thing I enjoy about listening to the different podcasts is the diversity of perspectives and how influences my enjoyment of the show.  When one host points out a detail that I didn’t pick up the first time I watched show, inevitably I will look for it during a re watch.  I am not the person or the fan who argues if I disagree with someone’s opinion. One of the things I appreciate about art, be it television or a painting or a novel, a variety of perspectives adds to the richness of the experience. There is room for everyone to have an opinion, we all have one, just like a**h****.  Value comes when people feel safe enough to share their opinions (please don’t ask if that applies to a**h**** because that is none of anyone’s business but their own). Diversity of thought and opinions adds to the richness of life and work.

The Walking Dead pulls together zombie and horror tropes with a family drama, all wrapped up with incredible costuming (Eulyn Womble) and knock your socks off special effects (Greg Nicotero).  Getting to know crew, cast and podcasters who work on the show has created a new intimacy with the show for me.  That is what I enjoy most about this panel during Walker Stalker Con, the audience is a community of fans listening to fans in a convention that focuses on “The Walking Dead.” These podcasters are fans who invest their personal time into analysis and review of The Walking Dead.  Check them out, you can find them on-line.

Here is a shot of ARon and Jim from Bald Move and the glowing mic.


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