The Walking Dead ‘ Cast Ep 117 @jasonandkaren @angelakang @walkingdead_AMC

I have a really good friend who hosts a podcast on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” called “The Walking Dead ‘Cast” and was invited to guest host an interview with writer/producer Angela Kang. One day, while at lunch with my BFF, I ran my fan girl mouth about how much I love the show “The Walking Dead”. Little did I know that my BFF was two degrees of separation away from a writer/producer of the show! So, he did me a solid by getting me in contact with Angela Kang and she was gracious enough to grant us an interview.

I thought you might be interested in listening to it, so here is a link.

And while you’re at it, check out “The Walking Dead ‘Cast” on iTunes. You’ll also get to hear panels from Walker Stalker Con events that feature interviews with many of the stars of the show.


Check out this cool episode:

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